Driving lessons

During driving lessons, you will learn everything you need in order to drive a car. I will of course also consider your previous knowledge and personal talents.

1. Pre-training

During pre-training, you learn to operate the vehicle and coordinate the individual movement sequences. These basics allow you to develop your driving skills and are therefore carefully trained.

During this training, you will be mostly isolated from the traffic so that you can fully concentrate on learning the basic techniques.

• Operating the car (steering, shifting gears, breaking, accelerating)

• Developing automatisms for operating the car

• Conducting simple driving exercises on roads with little traffic 


2. Basic training

During basic training, you will drive on different types of roads. However, the driving instructor will still mostly guide you so that you are able to fully concentrate on operating the car.

• Use of the lanes (keeping in lane, turning off)

• Driving on junctions (visual technique)

• Technique of driving in curves (visual technique, correctly holding the steering wheel, keeping in lane, etc.)

3. Main training

During main training, you will gradually learn to consider and integrate the influences of the traffic environment. In order to be able to do this, you will have to complete pre- and basic training.

  • all dynamic traffic processes (merging, speed adaptation, etc.)
  • considerate driving in all traffic situations
  • rules governing the right of way
  • parking manoeuvres
  • reversing
  • emergency braking

4. Perfection training
During perfection training, you will also apply the skills and knowledge you acquired at higher speeds.

You are now able to act autonomously and according to the traffic situations.

  • driving on motorways
  • independent, safe, smart, precise and environmentally conscious driving without the help of the driving instructor
  • following road signs to reach predetermined destinations