Learner’s permit

In order to apply for a learner’s permit (Lernfahrausweis), you will need a confirmation of that you passed the first-aid course (max. 6 years ago) and a vision test from an optician (max. 2 years old).

On the website of the cantonal road traffic department, you can find the application form for a learner’s licence. Please submit this form to the municipal administration or the road traffic department. Do not forget to bring a valid identification card (ID, passport; non-Swiss citizens: original of your identity document for foreign nationals (Ausländerausweis)), a coloured passport photo and the first-aid course confirmation. You can do the theory exam one month before reaching the minimum age for driving at the earliest.

After registering, you will receive a confirmatory letter from the road traffic department, guiding you through the online registration process for your theory examination date. If you have passed the theory exam, you will receive your learner’s permit.

The learner driver must be accompanied by a person who is aged 23 or older and has held a valid driving licence for the relevant category of vehicle for at least three years. With a learner’s permit, you are only allowed to drive within Switzerland and you will always have to attach an «L» to the vehicle.

Theory exam

Below, you can find a couple of training aids that will help you to prepare for the theory exam.

The theory exam for vehicle category B (regular car) contains 50 questions. A pass-mark of 90 % and above is required.


iTheory Premium CHF 19.-


iTheory Premium CHF 19.-

Windows / Mac

Theo-Web Free (English with Google Translation)
easydriver CHF 59.- (including English theory book)