Tips for ecoconscious driving

Ecoconscious driving

  • Start the engine without stepping on the gas.
  • Accelerate quickly (in the lower RPM range with the accelerator pedal fully depressed).
  • Shift gears in good time. You should shift to a higher gear at 2500 revolutions per second at the latest.
  • Drive in the highest possible gear.
  • Drive in a forward-looking way in order to reduce breaking. Breaking always amounts to an energy loss.
  • Apply the break before shifting down. This way, the engine’s overrun shutoff is active for longer.
  • Turn off the engine when stopping.
  • Regularly check the tyre inflation pressure (twice a month; please follow the instructions in the vehicle manual). Low tyre inflation pressure means a higher rolling resistance that leads to energy loss.
  • Make sure that you do not carry unnecessary excess load. For example, remove roof racks and ski racks if you do not use them.